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Between 1936-1939, some half a million Spaniards fell victim to the horrors of Civil War. The victor, General Franco, enlisted the help of Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy to overthrow the democratically elected new government.

But before that bitter victory, from across Europe and indeed the world, ordinary men and women joined a call to defend the New Republic, also known as the Second Republic. From lands far away to a country which few knew little about, came the volunteers that became known as the International Brigade(s).

They were poets, writers, revolutionaries, railwaymen, adventurers, idealists, builders, Dockers, nurses, miners and dreamers.  And more.

What happened in Spain should have served as a warning to the rest of the world; dark times were upon us.

In Britain the estimated 2,500 people who served in Spain are remembered and commemorated in towns and cities up and down the country; small plinths or plaques paid for by people dedicated to

An estimated 35,000 men and women travelled from around the world to fight in Spain. This being the 80th anniversary of the war, the International Brigade Memorial Trust & HOPE not hate have come together to commission something they hope will serve a valuable and timely reminder to the history of the men and women of the International Brigade. An ale of all things, made by little known brewery in Durham.

Monies raised from the sale of the ale and its associated products and paraphernalia will go towards helping keep alive the memory of those volunteers, facing great hardships, who went to Spain and confronted fascism.

The Spanish Civil War was a brutal and unimaginable tragedy. It plunged that country into a fascist dictatorship that outlived the better known Nazis in Germany and the Fascists of Italy.

Brigadista Ale is brewed to commemorate and educate. And to be enjoyed.

Welcoming the launch of the beer, Jim Jump, Secretary of the International Brigade Memorial Trust, said: “Everyone can now raise a glass of Brigadista Ale and toast the memory and legacy of anti-fascism and international solidarity left by the volunteers who went to Spain. At the same time they will be giving money to the IBMT so that we can continue our vital campaigning, educational and commemorative work.”


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Brigadista Ale
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Brigadista Ale
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Brigadista Ale

You are history.
You are legend.

A special ale to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Spanish Civil War.

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