We're bringing Trade Union Pale Ale (TUPA) to you!

Three months after launching in a  blaze of curry, Trade Union Pale Ale has been a huge success! We've managed to get distribution up and running in London and there are plenty of pubs now selling our lovely product. If you follow us on Twitter (@brigadistaale) we try and keep you up to date with where the beer is. It's not always easy as some pubs do not tweet and sometimes the distributor or brewer forgets to tell us where the beer is. Still, it is going well!  The second launch of the beer was in Manchester and was also a massive- if not slightly messy success. For a real treat we had both Brigadista and TUPA on tap and all pints were just £2. It was a great way to also coincide with 'Love Unions' week. 

Brigadista and TUPA together in Manchester

In early April we were really pleased to be one of the sponsor's of Philosophy Football's Clash night. So much TUPA was drank that the bar had run out by 10pm! Still, the artists all had their own supply of TUPA in bottle and there was an almost iconic moment when Punk Poet Attila The Stockbroker took to the stage with a bottle of our beverage. Still, we only half managed to catch the moment due to it being dark. And Paul Rutland being bladdered. 


Attila misses the money shot

We have not forgotten about Brigadista, either. We're desperately working behind the scenes to see what we can do to get it back out and into pubs, but also, more importantly, get it ready and accessible for you to take home and own. To that end, we're happy to announce that TUPA will soon be available in can and off license. If you're in London this is particularly good news as we are able to offer free delivery if you order three or more cases of it. Cask in a can is all the rage, apparently. So if you and your colleagues at an office or wherever fancy ordering some in, or you are are planning on pounding the streets in the coming elections, we're hoping you'll be refreshing yourselves with Trade Union Pale Ale. Email us through the website or contact us on Twitter for more details.

TUPA Beer tent for Levellers Day 

We're pleased to announce that we will be running a Trade Union Pale Ale beer tent at the forthcoming Levellers Day festival in Bursford, Oxfordshire. Not only will we have TUPA and Brigadista for sale on tap, we are also going to unveil a one-off special for the day. Il Postino is a pale ale with a hint of cherry.  It will be available for that one day only. You can read more about Levellers Day here. Please do try and come along, the organisers have made a massive effort to build this valuable contribution to the commemoration of the movement's radical history and as well as having a beer tent for the first time, they are laying on lots of other activities for the family on the day.


Appearing for one day only...


GMB 100th Congress in Plymouth 


The GMB are holding their one hundredth congress this year in June and it will be in sunny Plymouth. Look out for the special limited edition brew we have made for them!

Tolpuddle Festival




We're pleased to announce that we'll be on Tap at Tolpuddle this year. last year we had Brigadista on tap, this year it will be TUPA. We're also planning a series of beer giveaways too (if we're allowed by the Workers Beer Company who run the excellent tent there. ) Pop along to our stall if you are down there anyway, we have lots of lovely merchandise as usual.






Author: Albert


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