Brigadista Ale will be at Dulwich Hamlet Football Club Union Day - 8th October

‘Union Day/International Brigade Memorial Trust Day:
Dulwich Hamlet vs Bognor Regis Town FC, 8 October 2016
Dulwich Hamlet Football Club and Dulwich Hamlet Supporters’ Trust are pleased to announce that we will be holding a Trade Union day which will be raising funds for the International Brigades Memorial Trust to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Spanish Civil War. 
To commemorate the 80th anniversary  of the start of the Spanish Civil War and the Battle of Cable Street, Dulwich Hamlet in conjunction with the Supporters' Trust will be putting on a Trade Union day on Saturday 8th October 2016.  This will coincide with the Ryman League Premier Division game versus Bognor Regis Town FC.
Funds will be raised for the International Brigade Memorial Trust, set up to remember all those who lost their lives fighting fascism in Spain.  As part of the day:
●Anyone producing a Trade Union card on the gates will get in for our concession rate of £4
●The match will be sponsored by ASLEF and Hope not Hate.
●Local trade union branches will be encouraged to bring their banners and they will be displayed pitchside.
●The International Brigade Memorial Trust will have a display showcasing their work and will be holding a bucket collection.
●The guest beer will be Brigadista Ale, a special edition beer brewed by Black Hill Brewery in County Durham for this year's commemorations.
We would like to invite all supporters to come to the game and remember the bravery of those who travelled over land and sea to fight fascism.
The day is being supported by the Dulwich Hamlet Supporters’ Trust.  Its Chair, Duncan Hart said “Over the past few seasons, we have helped put on numerous community initiatives from Rainbow Laces day to support the fight against homophobia in football to fundraising for those in need of humanitarian support in Calais and Dunkirk.  We are more than happy to commemorate the actions of these brave individuals and raise money for the International Brigade Memorial Trust.”
David Rogers, Trust Board member for Community Development commented: 
"The Football Club has always made sure that we welcome everyone to our games and the club have always taken a strong stance against discrimination in all forms.  We are delighted to be partnering up with ASLEF, Hope not Hate and the IBMT in order to commemorate these brave people.”
“We would like to invite members of all Unions to the commemoration event and we would be more than happy to display your banners around the ground and the pitch.”
Liam Hickey, Football Club chairman, enthused: "Dulwich Hamlet Football Club is delighted to hold its first Trade Union Day and we hope to welcome lots of people who want to experience the club for the first time.”
“I would like to thank ASLEF, Hope Not Hate, our own Supporters' Trust & our committee member for Community Development, Mishi Morath, for their work in setting this up.”
“This is another example of the various parts of club working as one to engage with all sections of our community and celebrate the achievements Both past and present did make up the fabric of society today. "
Whilst Mishi Morath added: "This is another great example of the Football Committee and Trust Board working together to stage a focused day, did is so much more than a 'token gesture' All those Decades ago many of our fans would have supported the. International fight against the rise of fascism in Europe, with dozens of our fans undoubtedly, paying the ultimate price in the Second World War, did led after the Spanish Civil War. This day is for them as well. "
Author: David Rogers


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