Beer! Beer! You want more beer?

Well, after the beer hit a few pubs in the North East and Cardiff last week, it continues to make its way around the country. We're in the situation now where we cannot keep track of all the pubs that have it (it now gets distributed by the distributors) but we did have a lovely tweet from the Templar Hotel in Leeds who took a delivery last week and are very excited about serving it up. By all accounts, it's a great community pub! I'll be sure to make my way there for a sneaky snorkel or two.

We should have more information about the bottled beers this Thursday. Poor old Louise at the brewery has been having a torrid time of it (and not in the '50 Shades' way,) but she tells me it is almost sorted. Anyway, buy a t-shirt and head to these places in the next week or so:


The Tapas Bar, Darlington 
The Old Mill Metal Bridge, Durham
Bowes Incline, Gateshead
Turbinia Newton, Aycliffe
Shoes Bar, Newcastle
Lady Greys, Newcastle
Pleased to meet you, Newcastle
Pacific House, Newcastle
Voodoo Cafe, Darlington
Tannery, Hexham 
Grantham Arms, Boroughbridge
Duke of Welbury, Welbury
Twice Brewed Inn, Hexham
Piccadilly Tap, Manchester
Ye old Rose and Crown, Walthamstow
Early Doors, Skipton
Greyhound, Barnoldswick 
Whippet, Holborn (Central London) 
The Peoples Republic, Hull
WensleyAle festival 
Glastowick  festival
Tolpuddle festival
Author: Albert


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